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Laura Shelton, completed her PAS 2 Certification Training at Egoscue University in California in 2010. Integrating POSTURE THERAPY, PILATES, and Structural Integration MASSAGE to bring the dysfuctional body back into alignment for a pain-free lifestyle.
At YOUR PILATES PLACE we do posture therapy. A proven method that gets to the root of your chronic pain by returning your body to proper alignment, function and balance. As a postural alignment therapist, we work with you to develop a series of gentle corrective exercises that will not only alleviate your pain, but prevent future pain and injuries.

Military veterans are frequent clients of alignment therapy. After the rigors of multiple combat tours, alignment therapy is used to correct dysfunctional patterns in the body, allowing full range of movement and pain-free work-outs

– Tony Romanelli God’s Country: Texas

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