4808 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC 271041-336-659-0030info@yourpilatesplace.com INTRODUCING: LYMPHATIC ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY


• Health history and liability release forms must be completed prior to first session.

• Initial Pilates Sessions are made by contacting Your Pilates Place, as at least one Private session is required prior to joining a Pilates Equipment Class. No experience is needed to join a Mat, Cycling, or Yoga class, but an online reservation is required.

Online scheduling is available through our website, and is open to any current client. Scheduling is available for classes a year in advance. Forecasted scheduling is the responsibility of the client. If you crave a particular slot, keep it booked!

• We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Late cancels /No shows are deducted from your account. Being more than 15 minutes late for a reservation will be counted as a No Show. Please call your instructor’s cell phone if you need to cancel a private appointment.

• Class/Massage/Egoscue Therapy Packages must be paid in advance. If your account balance falls behind, you lose the package discount rate until balance is brought current.

• Class/Massage Packages are valid for 8 weeks, Egoscue Packages are valid for 6 months. A package may be frozen due to surgery or injury.

• Exchanges on clothing may only be made within 7 days of purchase, with tags intact.

• Merchandise cannot be credited from your class account. These items should be purchased separately. Items can be held for up to 3 days. A Your Pilates Place store credit receipt will be issued for those who wish to take unpaid merchandise, but these items need to be paid for within 7 days.

• No returns or refunds. Cash and Checks accepted, no credit cards, please.

• Please be prompt to class, and be properly fueled and hydrated, ready to work!

• PLEASE refrain from wearing perfumes and scented lotions! Also, be aware that lotion on hands and lower legs can lead to slipping off equipment!